Washer / dryer problems

Please tell us about problem(s) you're having with your washer or dryer. Just take a few photos and a few short videos of a problem and upload them here, or send them in the email. For example: If your washer is making squealing sounds in a spin cycle, run it as you normally would, then try and catch it on camera! Make sure you take a CLEAR photo of model and serial number and upload it as well. (If you can't read it, we probably can't either) If, for example, your dryer is dead, make sure it is plugged in, check if the circuit breaker on electrical panel is on, and if so, just tell us "it's dead" , take a photo of a model and serial number and upload it here, together with your contact information. We love to hear directly from you and the way you describe the problem, so don't hesitate to shoot a "selfie video explainer" of the problem. Explain the sounds or what we are seeing in the photos and videos, or even make the sounds the machine usually makes but it just won't do it right now! It's OK, we know how temperamental appliances can get! You can even enter the drawing for the funniest "selfie video explainer" and win a FREE appliance repair prize! Master / Certified Appliance Technician assigned to your area will personally examine the photos/videos. No playing broken phone game, where data entry clerk's interpretation of what you said is first typed in (while you're talking) into a “computer system” then, hours or even days later, (badly) communicated to a field technician. Your Master / Certified Appliance Technician will promptly communicate to you, via your preferred method of communication, what the problem most likely is, send you the estimate and schedule your appliance repair with you. In case determination could not be done with the information you provided, your technician will contact you directly with any additional questions. To submit photos/videos of your washer / dryer problem click here.

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