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50 yrs ago, Bob and Joe, a professional appliance repairman, filled their vans up (that got about 12 miles per gallon), with hoses, gaskets, belts, timers and other appliance parts that are known to be the cause of problems, waited for someone to call, ready to fix that washer, or a fridge, right on the spot. And that made perfect sense, satisfied customers and made them money. Why?

Because that was the time of a famous Maytag appliance repairman who was bored to death because there was no appliances to repair. After about 20 years of working just fine, Maytag clothes washer started leaking. It was worth paying the cost of serviceman repairing it, because it could last another 10 even 20 more years.

Appliance industry is rapidly changing. New appliances are designed and redesigned every year to comply with government requirements, to lower energy consumption, to make appliances more efficient, and cheaper to build. In this process, modern appliances are getting more complex and computerized. Differences between makes and models are vast. Even the same brand and model can be very different  and the only distinction is the serial number! Advanced diagnostic interfaces and procedures are built into hi tech appliances, as well as communication modules, LCD screens, numerous computer boards, etc. Lifetime of appliances has drastically shortened, they are more complicated to repair and sometimes not even worth the repair!

So, in order to repair a hi-tech appliance it is no longer sufficient to know how to remove a couple screws, and change a timer or some mechanical module anymore. More and more, knowledge of advanced technology diagnosis is becoming necessary. Entering diagnostic modes on your appliances, reading error codes, measuring voltages between designated nodes on a controller board is a better depiction of how diagnostics are done on your modern, hi tech appliance of today and tomorrow. 

That is why there is a need for technicians more sophisticated then Bob and Joe (from above example:). Today's techs must be computer savvy and have sufficient knowledge to navigate diagnostic modes on many different makes and models of appliances.  Our advanced approach dispatches techs through a modern interface  online and on smartphones they are able to quickly communicate with office and parts department to provide you with the best possible estimate. To provide you with the best possible service, we train our techs to become masters of advanced technology diagnosis procedures in addition to certifications they must earn in order to be on Advancetech team.  

With so many makes and models which differ from each other in these days, it is impossible to carry the most needed parts in the truck, however through smart inventory control, we are able to offer you a VIP treatment when it comes to your appliances. Firstly, we maintain a constant contact with local and online suppliers and distributors of almost every brand name on the market. Secondly, once we have your appliances information we can proactively predict the need for a particular part based on the make model, age and known issues with that particular machine and maintain it in our inventory.


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